• At Triton we offer one-on-one training for clients looking to lose weight, gain strength, and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • As part of our program we guide clients to proper techniques of weightlifting, provide first-hand knowledge on the benefits of exercise, and offer advice for furthering your fitness journey towards continual growth and achieving goals. 


  • Based around our love of up-beat class settings, Triton guides participants through a timed workout consisting of different exercises at different stations based around the philosophy of HIIT (high intensity interval training) to gain superior cardiovascular, strength, and respiratory health.​


  • As an added bonus, the trainers at Triton are certified nutritional experts that can offer full meal plans based on the idea of consuming ''whole foods''.

  • Trainers can provide clients with food lists consisting of what to eat, where to eat in the area in which you live, and when to eat as well.

  • Nutrition is a major factor in gaining superior health and well-being, let us guide you to that place!